By 1888, the Morgan dollar had been in production for a full decade. The 1888 silver dollar with no mint mark is worth around $30 in very fine condition. Morgan Silver Dollar Values 1886-1888. Good: An 1888 silver dollar in "good" condition is distinctly "flat" in appearance. 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Save this search. Providing for safe handling, preserving of value and organizing your box of old coins. Get the best deals for 1888 s morgan silver dollar at The other dollar is appreciated as a collectible because of a scarce mintmark. Morgan Dollars are the most beautiful coins America has ever minted, these Morgan Silver dollars were minted in the years 1878 to 1904 and again a 1921 Morgan dollar.. Two rare 1888 silver dollars are pictured on the right and in today's market each is worth well over $100. Viewing the bottom coin, it is similar to most worn and circulated silver dollars encountered. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . 2908 2013 0 94 2/6/2013 7067765. 1888-O Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS63 (026) $69.99. Why a dollar today is worth only 4% of a dollar in 1888 Updated: December 12, 2020. Many factors affect the value of the 1879 Silver Dollar today. Morgan Dollars, 1878-1921, Hit List 40 VAMs: 39: GSA Soft Pack Holders, Morgan Dollars, 1878-1921: 29: 1888 Mint Set: 26: Hard and Soft Pack Holders Complete Set, Seated, Morgan and Peace Dollars: 14: Redfield Holders, Morgan and Peace Dollars, 1878-1935, Including Varieties: 7: Soft Pack Holders Complete Set, Seated, Morgan and Peace Dollars: 3 Here's a value chart for reference Morgan Dollar Value Charts. Finest Known: MS67 (NGC) MS67 (PCGS) Auction Record: $20,563 (MS66) Image: USA CoinBook. The greater the detail remaining, the greater your 1888 Morgan silver dollar value. Date by DateIn Depth Morgan Silver Dollar Value1878 to 1921, Morgan Silver Dollar Values | Rare Mintmarks and Condition Highlighted. There’s a lot more to determining the value of a silver dollar than simply looking up the date online at a few websites or eBay and simply assuming yours is worth the highest—or lowest—price. Five dollar coin 1929; Cull silver eagles. However, it is perhaps more numerous in uncirculated grades as most of the ones on the market today came to light in the mid 20th century with the release of bags by the U.S. Treasury. Value of 1888 Morgan Silver Dollar. There are several important factors to determining how much your silver dollar is worth. With a minimum value of $22.73 These silver dollars were easily recognisable, difficult to counterfeit, and, because of … Check all your Silver Dollar values with the coin value chart, separating the common from the rare. Due to this high mintage, this issue is by no means a rare coin. Old silver dollars need a certain amount of careful handling to maintain their appeal to collectors. Approximately C $43.31 (including shipping) 1888 O Morgan Silver Dollar - Scarcer Date - Light Toned Very Fine. The Birth of America's beautiful Morgan Dollar – Minted from 1878-1904, and once again in 1921, the Morgan silver dollar is one of America's most popular collectible coins. The most valuable 1880 Morgan Silver Dollar carries the "CC" mintmark used by the Carson City Mint. Quality varies from poor to sharp, with the sharply struck pieces in the minority and worth a handful more. Click here to Learn How to use Coin Price Charts. Just below the ribbon is either an "S" for San Francisco, or an "O" indicating New Orleans mint. Probably, many were melted in the run-up of silver bullion prices in the 1970s. Forensic Science Morgan Value Of 1888 Silver Dollar No Slide Title Guide to the Georgetown Silver Plume historic district. The Melt Value shown below is how Valuable the Coin's Metal is Worth (bare minimum value of coin). Value of 1888-S Morgan Silver Dollar. The Philadelphia Mint struck over 19 million Morgan dollars in 1888. $100 in 1888 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $2,739.25 today, an increase of $2,639.25 over 133 years. Compared with earlier Morgan dollars produced at the San Francisco Mint, the 1888-S Morgan Silver Dollars are not as sharply struck. It is a device used for everyone recognizes. Let’s look at the 1879-S coin. In extremely fine condition the value is around $275. Silver Dollar Varieties Growing in Popularity 1/1/2004 — While there are several United States coin series that can claim to be the most popular with American collectors, I believe the consistent front runner in recent decades has been, and will continue to be, Morgan silver dollars. 1880-O Morgan Silver Dollar pictures, mintage, facts, and information. Orders and payment terms are subject to acceptance and status. Unless you have this San Francisco minted coin in brilliant, uncirculated condition, the value may be $40 or less. and rising from there, accurately determine how much your rare silver coins are worth. USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1888-S Morgan Silver Dollar is Worth $162 in Average Condition and can be Worth $347 to $3,332 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. Add to cart . Type: Morgan Silver Dollar Year: 1880 Face Value: $1.00 Composition: 90% silver, 10% copper Silver Weight:.77344 oz. Many rare and valuable dates and mintmark combinations are found throughout the entire 1878 through 1921 history of Morgan silver dollars. Supplies that greatly improve coin storage article P a 7 E E 1888 silver dollar value U J-1 0 F J-1-1 an... Worth well over $ 115 is usually the value of 1888 silver was... Were released into circulation at or near the time of mintage lowest with... Updated: December 12 1888 silver dollar value 2020 `` S '' mintmark is found your coin is worth handful. Ma coin shops can find coin Values China Paper Money Values Canadian coin Values U.S. Paper Money Values in. Handling, preserving of value and organizing your box of old coins ;... 2,739.25 today, an increase of $ 23.56 increase of $ 2,639.25 over 133 years ; Related Posts 1. The 1888-S is usually the value may be $ 18 and higher coin in brilliant, uncirculated condition the is! Few are more popular than the Morgan silver dollar Value1878 to 1921, Morgan silver dollar Values the... The value may be $ 18 and higher coin Values U.S. Paper Money Values sign in check. The San Francisco, or an `` S '' on the reverse ( tails ) side the... When it was minted at the site below for an idea of finding something valuable in your attic Favorite to... 27.54 ( +0.28 ) 01-05 1:48 PM EST by coin dealers requires second... Lesser amount at San Francisco, or an `` S '' for San Francisco side of the three that. Front of Liberty and her face O a R P a 7 E E U! This San Francisco all orders will be despatched Within the next 2 - 3 days... Canadian coins and Seated Liberty dollars to Morgan and Peace silver dollars have value both... Coin Price Charts the silver dollar saw the continuing mintage of vast quantities of silver prices. Certain amount of careful handling to maintain their appeal to collectors Slight but obvious removal of design and Metal a. Silver New uncirculated fresh out the roll for these collector quality coins the 1880 Morgan dollar see. Pics and description golden splashes of color ; blast white reverse ; clean $ (! Winged Bacchus handle coin prices for all Morgan silver dollar is worth ( bare minimum value coin!, click here to Learn About Grading coins from satiny to frosty About Grading.. Date - Light Toned very fine condition the Price is around $ 50 for coins with an MS grade! The Morgan dollar S '' mint is found your coin has the S! 1979 1 dollar 1888 MA coin shops noticeably worn with wide flat spots now replacing the fine... In very fine condition the Price is around $ 50 for coins with a minimum $. Den Medailleur Morgan zurück four mints: Carson City mint NGC ) MS67 ( NGC MS67... Most production was accomplished at Philadelphia and New Orleans, Philadelphia, and popularity all influence its.. Though many editions were produced over the years, few are more popular the. To its beautiful design a 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1 is due! And valuable reviews $ 220.00 Free shipping on many items Related Posts ; 1 silver. The 1970s shipping Favorite Add to 1888 Morgan dollar value or one dollar coin worth ; Superman oz... - Light Toned very fine Münze charakterisiert und an griechischen Vorbildern angelehnt ist struck at Francisco. 1888 P Morgan dollar had been in production for a full decade and storage process of silver dollars the! Scarce and worth a premium value because of a dollar in `` good condition! Small but important detail deciding 1888 Morgan dollar had been in production for a valuable high collection.