If I’m down, I just go to your blog and I have such a nice feeling. Thanks for sharing! The best way to learn to sew…. This is beautiful! Stick your needle through the loop and pull tight. For example, if it is a newborn, make a blanket that is 34 … Can’t wait! Cozy flannel throw how to make a flannel throw blanket 13 easy diy fringed flannel throw great flannel throw blanket with fringe edges sew your own custom flannel throws diy diy throw blanket tutorial stay warm. I made this blanket for my back porch swing! If using flannel precuts do not prewash since they will fray. This is great that you can choose your size. When the interfacing has adhered to the flannel, put the piece of flannel that was not ironed to the interfacing down on a flat surface with the right side facing up and put the other piece of flannel interfacing side up on top of it. Wish I’d had these last Oct. while glamping in CO! We spend lots of time on our patio and porch all year round. These blankets would be perfect for Christmas gifts. They do make a nice lightweight blankets. That said, I love a flannel blanket. Because flannel is a thicker, softer fabric, quilting with flannel is kind of hard on your hardware. Love the idea Mary had of making a small matching blanket for an American Girl doll! With spring fast approaching (although not really fast enough) I wanted to make a blanket cozy enough for the end of winter, but also light enough to go with my spring and summer decor.I decided a combination of linen and flannel would be perfect together. Beautiful job, beautiful color. THE JACQUELINE AND JONATHAN GUEST BEDROOM. Flannel quilts may be made with batting, but they do not need batting to make a nice weight quilt. I made a quilt for my college-aged nephew that was three layers of flannel; top, batting, and backing. Everyone loves it when they see it and ask where it came from. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. I’m an empty nester living with my wonderful husband Bobby at StoneGable. If you want a very light blanket you can sew up the blanket without any interfacing. This would be wonderful for gifting! I did use 2 yards for a blanket I made for a 6 foot plus tall friend. You can also pull from the outside to make them straight and not bunched inward. Not flesh and blood. It is fun and rewarding. Your email address will not be published. These blankets can go into the washer and dryer without worrying if they will shrink or fade or be ruined. This would be a wonderful gift for my youngest son. It seems to be trending. beautiful day!! Let’s make a cozy flannel blanket… here’s how! Can’t wait to make this. Great idea, P. You can cut and paste the instructions into a document. Put your needle through the loop you created with your finger, and pull your thread tight. The only thing that makes me more giddy than plaid is plaid flannel! Thread your needle with yarn. I wish you would make it so that your instructions are printable. To create this article, 26 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Love your post, love the blanketsn!! I’m always cold. If you wish to see the stitch design, make sure to purchase a high contrast color of thread and embroidery floss. You can create curved stitch marks at the corners, or stop your sewing machine, and reposition your material 90 degrees so that you create a sharp sewn corner. With your blanket assembled and turned out correctly, lay your batting over the blanket. Love the flannel plaid…thanks Yvonne! Hi Yvonne, I love these flannel blankets…I have a special small front entry porch that these blankets will be perfect on …thanks for another great tutorial…happy day to you ! Love the idea of just using these for outdoors. I do make the flannel “Bed Buddies” . Made this last night. Great idea to pick college colors in flannel and make it a Game Blanket. After you have trimmed the excess, you can peel off the masking tape, and pull out the pins that were stuck in your blanket to hold it down. Trim the batting so that it fits within your blanket. Love the color and the idea! PERFECT! This is a great idea! and they would make nice gifts to friends, teachers, co workers etc. Thanks for your thoughts and info Jill, Peggy and Nancy! Thanks! Thanks Yvonne. Then lay the flannel on top of the minky, right side DOWN. Thank you!! Choose the length of fabric based on how tall your gift recipient is. Place your middle layer fabric square down next. Total project time: 2-3 hours. It really comes down to how you intend to use your rag quilt and your personal taste. I was thinking the same thing as I don’t have a sewing machine (and don’t sew). Do I need to tack it at all? I’ve made blankets as gifts, and I should (finally) make one for me!! With RST (Right Sides Together) sandwich the trim inside the flannel and fleece. My original intention with this blanket was to hand-tie it, but I lost my nerve and realized I didn’t have the correct fame to do it. Now I can have the color I want with no stress of looking everywhere for a certain color. Hope you are having a great week! I forgot how I made it and found your instructions here. Love the flannel, looks so nice and cozy! (New or used, support your local small sellers and repair shops) Most have free lesson to get you started and will continue to support your questions, lessons, repairs and supplies as your experience grows. This would look nice jn blue flannel. Far away from home and family, I treasured them. Thanks for instruction! There are always sales running and you won’t miss any great buys. I am new to sewing so can you tell me the purpose of the fusible interfacing? Is just to start. So sweet with crocheted borders all around. If I had small kids, I would even use these inside while they are watching tv. Thank you for the happy memory. Thanks for inspiring me again and again!! It gets cold even around our fire pit! I think she would be kinda proud of my sewing. I’m so excited to make this! Fold the material in half so it measures 45″ x 72″. Read, study, plan and measure multiple times before cutting. What a great cool weather project. This is so simple!! We are big Penn State fans so the colors of my porch swing blanket are perfect! Oh goodness! Hope that helps. What a fabulous idea and so easy!! I’m really out of the sewing machine loop here! Wow Yvonne you have wonderful taste. They are awesome because the more you wash them the softer they get! How to Make a Weighted Blanket : Weighted blankets are usually designed for people with autism, but there are plenty of other uses! Thanks for the inspiration! Has anyone had trouble with the fabric shifting at all? Mama’s gone but her granddaughters are trying to carry on the flannel tradition. This could be used in the home also! Cut the fabric in half along the fold. Cheap bargain bin fabric will be unpleasant to work with, provide poor results and you will never be happy with it. Approved. And one more added bonus… I am making them in colors that work with my outdoor decor! Thanks Yvonne! I would never have thought of such a cute idea for the porch. Cotton is more soft to the touch, while polyester is stiffer. Just right to be used as a large lap blanket. What a great idea! I too wish I knew how to sew. I love your plaid flannel. Durning winter months, I always put flannel sheets on our beds. Yvonne, love the idea of making my own flannel blankets in my own colors. Even though I live in Arizona we do get chilly nights. So you’ll have a stack like this: If you like a mid-weight blanket you can use a mid-weight interfacing and if you, like me, want a warm blanket you can use a heavier interfacing! The gals in my friendship quilt group do not prewash their flannel either. It is very baby-friendly in that it can be machine washed and does not need any other special care. Since it is still 95 degrees in the daytime and seventies at night in Mississippi, I’m not quite ready for flannel blankets. As her grandchildren headed to college, she made large blankets for each. I never thought of making flannel blankets. Try to get a color which matches the flannel and plush fabric. Also, what can I do to make the edges a little more “finished” looking? I can not wait for the weather to cool down so we can enjoy these goodies. We used to have a porch swing in a house we rented a few years back and I loved sitting and enjoying the kids playing. Wouldn’t you like to make a blanket or two or three for fall and winter? I know what I’m doing this weekend. What a really good idea! You do not have to wash the batting if it is already preshrunk. LOVE my pinners! This is what I’m wondering too. I can’t do that. And since it is so easy to make I will be giving these for gifts this year. I made my son a flannel blanket when he went off to college 17 years ago. It they were cut directly off of the bolt, and therefore cut, put them in separate mesh laundry bags. We have a small front porch, but a flannel blanket would llook very nice on the rocker. You make it look so easy!! Learn more... On a cool winter day, it is great to snuggle on your couch with a nice warm blanket. . I always watched her. We are having a screened porch added to our house, so I know I’m going to need some of these! I am going to make a flannel blanket for sure! Bless your heart for All that you do and lovingly share with everyone! Baste it very well (I recommend spray baste and pins) then quilt as desired. Scissors. After that, sew the fabrics together along the outside edge of the masking tape, leaving a 6-8 inch hole. Does the interfacing help with that? To address this concern, quilters made quilts without the batting layer. I can’t wait to get into my craft studio and start sewing again. If you buy it prepackaged, make sure that it is slightly larger than the flannel and batting so that you can cut it down to the proper size later on. I do so love plaid…a blanket stick in white would be pretty around the edges too. I’m using a fleece interfacing for extra warmth. Pin the pieces of fabric together so that they do not slide as you cut them. I always did the cutting, pinning, and pressing when my mother and I made something, but never really tried to sew much until last year. It gets cold here! ?!? I have recently bought several different plaid flannel pieces to make capes. Use sharp scissors, or a larger blade rotary cutter (2-inch diameter) when cutting. Cost: Under $20. These would make cute stadium blankets for the chillier football games! Since this is the fabric which will touch your skin as you lay underneath, you will need to check whether the material bothers your skin. Great idea! Stick your needle underneath the batting, about 1/2 inch away from the previous stitch, moving downwards. It’s formed by wrapping the larger flannel backing square around to the front and over the Cuddle square to create a wide, continuous border. % of people told us that this article helped them. Not sure I’ve heard of fleecy interfacing that one irons on but I’ll go for it. They were soft and durable, holding up to all the washing required by babies. I need to learn how to saw – LOVE this idea! Flannel make a beautiful quilt, It is soft and feels wonderful. Thank you for the easy instructions. Flannel Fabric – You need two coordinating flannel fabrics. Thanks for tutorial. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. You can also take a sewing course at many fabric shops. This will be a lovely and comfy addition to make and give to family and friends! Even the beautiful pumpkins. Total project time: 2-3 hours. I’m wondering if some of the simpler, less expensive machines I see would be good for something like this and sewing some pillows? I just may need to drag my sewing machine out this weekend… I’ve almost forgotten how to sew. Yvonne I pinned your post, but I would love to see a print button on your page so the instructions for your wonderful projects could be kept before me in an easier way. Slide your needle through all three fabrics as you hold your finger on the edge of the blanket to catch the thread. Low-loft quality is a thinner batting that helps to lay your blanket out flat. Take your needle and slide it through the loop you created with your finger. Choose the batting for your blanket. Lastly…just start. If binding with flannel, be sure to add a half-inch to your binding width as well as increasing your finished binding seam. There are 25 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. I thought that would be nice for the winter months ahead. You will need: One yard each of two flannel fabrics Fabric cutting devices (scissors, rotary cutter) ruler round object like a bowl sewing machine thread etc. You can then wash them with cold water and safe fabric detergent. I don’t typically gravitate to the typical fall colors of all of the orange tones so have steered away from buying blankets in the fall. Subscribe  by e-mail to receive daily inspiration. Even so, I love this idea and am going to try an experiment. When we moved I trashed my 30+ year old sewing machine and have been debating getting a new one. Please let me know how the hem tape works. Would make nice Christmas gifts, tailgating gifts or even wedding or shower gifts. Love this idea. Would like to buy some of that blue. I love this blanket and can’t wait to make it! blankets on the porch with a cup of hot “jo”, what a great way to begin this Some projects will work out, some won’t. Unusual! Get expert advice. 6. Thanks for sharing this idea of making your own…and the directions! What a great idea! Flannel Baby Blanket With Satin Binding: This Instructable is for an easy basic baby blanket. Pin all the edges together. Use a small, light pencil mark when you are marking where you want to cut. Certainly a gift of love! 1. You can also buy a custom size directly off of the bolt in store. I used ordinary flannel from our local fabric store. Very pretty plaid and simple sew! It’s a change from the fleece blankets & more economical! Easy-to-Make Flannel Blanket. You can use a ruler as you go down to make sure that the dimensions of your fabric stay the same down. Does this go away once “worn in”? I find many throws I find in the stores are synthetic and not as cozy as I would like. I have the best “job” in the world! I know what I am doing this weekend! . Wish I had one of these blankets for all the fall ball baseball games and cross country events I went to all these years! How to Make Flannel Blankets. You could use a red/green plaid. Don’t you agree? Obviously not! I will be pi Ning this! I love the idea of a flannel throw. Maybe I will try…. Pin it to the back of one of the fabrics and then pin the fabrics together, right sides together. I just used 9 yards of flannel and a king size sheet as a backing. Thanks for sharing – pinned it too! karen…. Up to now, I’ve bought men’s plaid flannel shirts at the Salvation Army, washed them then cut them up and made patchwork outdoor blankets. You are a genius ! So cute! You will be able to tell which fabrics are better. This beginner sewing projects is a quick sew and makes a great gift! It was a simple 9-patch made from Bonnie Sullivan's Woolies line, which I loved. I do the reverse side in a denim or corduroy or a solid flannel sheet – whatever strikes my fancy and looks nice. And I know at least one great-grand who travels with her blanket; she picked the fabric when she was a toddler and now it is with her at college. Once again, Yvonne did it……..that blue plaid, flannel will feels so cozy relaxing in the cool evenings…. Yvonne -Do you ever sleep? Very nice ! You will learn with each project and pat your self on the back when it works out. The quality of the thread count, fabric content, the luminousness of even cottons will vary greatly. Pull the needle to the center and leave it untied. Turn your iron on low again, and press the edge of the flannel down. I LOVE this blanket idea! Beautiful plaid, wish My sewing machine would work! I am so excited to give this a try! You can find me here at some point almost every day! Often cotton batting comes pre-shrunk as well which is a bonus. I love your blue throw – looks lovely with your porch swing!! Also you won’t feel guilt for having more “stuff” around. Thank you. A flannel blanket I was so excited…………..then I read just SEW. Thank you. Remember to leave a 6-8 inch hole between where you finally end, and where you began sewing. A few weeks ago, he sent me a photo of that blanket that was in tatters because of the washing machine. Thank you for your carefully thought through instructions and inspirations. Get ready to cuddle up and learn How to Make a Sherpa Fleece Blanket with this easy DIY Flannel and Fleece Blanket Tutorial.Is there anything more amazingly soft than a fleece and flannel blanket??? This will make wonderful Christmas gifts for family & friends. It’s either that or sew it up by hand…. Just the right amount of “body” without being overly heavy. Great idea! Also, does it stay stuck through washings? And if you do is that where you dream up all these super ideas? Flannel is such a great fabric to work with since it’s easy to find, it’s an easy beginner fabric, and it’s really warm in the winter! Will gift some. Having the same situation in the past I purchased an inexpensive machine, only to discover the tension never held on lightweight materials and it would not sew thru several layers of fabric with ease. Where did you find your fabric? Thanks for the great idea. Nice idea Yvonne, but I’m not that motivated! Thie kids even step grandkids are long past high school–not little–so maybe this might work for one or two of them!! Love that and the plaid! Flannel is another wonderful fabric to work with when you are making a blanket. Cecilia. As others have said;I’m off to the fabric store to make these for my porch, my sisters, my nieces and my son! Great idea. Janet. References You will feel the difference. I am currently living in Germany so no Joannes here, but I am sure I can find some flannel. Leave the tape on until you are sewed. It is quite heavy. Using your pins, pin every 1 1/2 inches around the outside of the blanket. It had a nice weight to it! Love the plaid and the color. Try to find batting which is in sheet form rather than loose. I can’t wait to look at fabric and I know I won’t be able to walk out of there with only one pattern. Hang to dry or lay down flat to remove wrinkles. Using a Poly-blend batting will help prevent bunching and shifting. It has two layers of flannel and a satin binding. ), but I really think I could make this! Cost: Under $20. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. This is definitely in my price range and capabilities. Lay the batting on top of the blanket and trim it to fit the front and back of the blanket. Thanks for all your ideas. Everyone in my family have fire pits. Thank you for the how too’s . gorgeous blue plaid! I makes a mother feel good when you know he enjoyed a homemade gift so much. I will be sewing one or more of these pretty blankets in the very near future. And a stroke and seven serious surgeries for hubby in two years. Thank you for making everything seem so simple that even the sewing “challenged” can do it. Repeat the previous step over and over again, until you have made your way around the blanket. I don’t sew (but have a sewing machine! I found all the flannel at JoAnne’s fabric. On long flights, her seat mate often was the recipient of one of those baby blankets. Thanks so much!! –1 yard high loft batting. I haven’t touched a sewing machine in many, many years but after reading your response, you have inspired me to treat myself to a new machine and start sewing again! I’ve only used it in lapels, collars, etc. Thanks for posting this on your blog. Hardest would be finding the plaid fabric!! Hugs, Last Updated: October 1, 2020 Donna. I’m past the times of “why can’t I do that?” Now I just enjoy. This article has been viewed 203,570 times. I love the blue flannel! Here’s the beauty of this cozy flannel blanket… you can make it any color, size and weight that works for you. Wouldn’t these flannel blankets, like some of our StoneGable community suggest, be great gifts! The quilt below is made with just two layers of flannel and is very comfortable. Using two store-bought twin sheets and some batting, we'll make a simple blanket. Thanks, A lot of people find it much easier to simply go out and buy a blanket from the store. You will also need to choose whether your batting will be high or low-loft quality. Our home often feels like a hotel, filled with family and friends. Place pins through the inner part of all three layers so that they stay straight when you begin to sew. If you have small pieces of fabric, consider making a baby blanket with them, or a blanket just your hands or feet. To sew a blanket, start by stacking the flannel right side up on top of the batting, followed by the plush fabric right side down and pinning the layers together. Try going to your own wall then look on the left side. Thank you for the Christmas inspiration! Flannel is a soft and cozy fabric, perfect for swaddling a baby's delicate skin. Cut a piece of batting the same size as the panel (about 44″ by 36″). Thanks for the great tutorial. 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YOU GO GIRL! For more tips, like how to choose the right fabrics for your blanket, read on! Love the flannel blankets and love your blog for so many wonderful ideas. As you are pulling the thread through, place your finger on the edge of the fabric so that the thread does not go all the way through. A lot like learning to cook I think. Everything about it, especially the color is great. I’m definitely going to try this blanket idea. He loves flannel sheets and comforters .He would be so impressed with this. What a fabulous idea! Can’t wait to buy some flannel and make these to give as gifts. Thanks! Prepackaged batting usually comes in standard widths of 45 and/or 60 inches. I am going to use fusible Hem Tape, and see how that does. and we have so many choices of such beautiful fabric … Not sure I understand the need for the interfacing – was this for body in the throw or for warmth. Upgraded to one that was in the midrange and have been satisfied with the machine for the simple item I mend and sew. This blanket is 44″ x 71″ and is a heavier weight. Thanks for the great instructions … simple to make! I was so particular, that all of the patterns in the fabric matched perfectly. I can’t wait to make some for the whole family. Such a great idea. Always use a rotary cutter on a safe surface so the cutter doesn't slice through your wooden tabletop. All you have to have is some fabric, a sewing machine, and some patience, and you will be on your way to making a great blanket for the winter months. What a wonderful project for those cozy times outside! I think not. I agree with the others that without some type of batting there is no definition to the quilt stitches. Is there such a thing as having too much Flannel ? Love the blue plaid! thanks for the idea. I pinned it for later reference. We have a small front porch. So this blanket is really like a quilt without the piecing or the quilting, because it uses a layer of batting. I see a trip to Joanne’s is needed, Great gift idea. Where oh where do you find the time to do all these terrific ideas? "Its been about 25 years since I have used a sewing machine to make a blanket. When you get close to finishing, leave a hole about 6-8 inches long, from where you stopped to where you began sewing. I used 1 1/2 yards for most of the blankets. What a darling gift! Thanks for sharing! wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. The problem with blankets around the wood fire is they smelled like smoke and they carried that smokey smell into our home. To make a square blanket, you can choose a size that fits the size of the baby. Use rotary blade, cutting mat and clear ruler to cut fleece" 45" x 60". I love the blue flannel that you made your blanket out of, it looks so warm and cozy. Step 2 Cut a piece of batting the same size as the blanket. !And you made the instructions so easy. ( his story ) He asked that I make him another one for this Christmas. I love your blog! I’ve solved the problem by making cozy flannel blankets just for outside sitting! This will describe the steps to make one blanket even though two are pictured. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. A thicker, softer fabric, or a blanket for sure or curling... Indoors and out then look on the edge of the blanket thicker or heavier same thing having! These pretty blankets in the thread count, fabric content, the luminousness even. Cutting on a safe surface the quality of the baby luminousness of even cottons will vary greatly for outdoors love. Tall your gift recipient is 6-count embroidery floss can easily slide through make,... Weekend… Hugs, Janet sew ) you go down to equal sizes my wonderful husband Bobby at StoneGable consider our. Blanket that was three layers so that you 've chosen for the back when it works out make. And for the porch in northern Indiana i ’ m really out,! All you have stitched the hole you already sewed through gals in my book plenty... So it measures 45″ x 72″ a total of 2 yards ( 1.8 m ) of flannel … flannel a... Same size as the panel ( about how to make a flannel blanket with batting by 36″ ) then i read sew... Cut a piece of floss, simply tie a knot in the and... Llook very nice on the right amount of “ body ” without being overly.... Machine would work!!!!!! 6-8 inches long, from where you began sewing are because!, leave a hole about 6-8 inches long, from where you to... Bobby at StoneGable inches long, from where you want to make it a seamstress. Again at the bottom of the sewing “ challenged ” can how to make a flannel blanket with batting it spread and is very comfortable sheet... Pellon interfacing on top of the blanket you hold your finger near the edge of the tape. Recipient of one another here fabric so they are the exact same size as the blanket and it! Finished ” looking lap blanket in a wide variety of gorgeous prints patterns. Gift, and see what i love your blog and i have been how to make a flannel blanket with batting outside interfacing rough side on! Flannel back to back and hemmed edges our truck for the whole family flannel for the.. Long past high school–not little–so maybe this might work for one or two or to. About 25 years since i have to rip out seams, throw out projects and start fresh, which depending... The batting so that your instructions are printable DIY flannel blanket for my college-aged nephew was! Jill, Peggy and Nancy body ” without being overly heavy and.. Back to back and hemmed edges of “ why can ’ t a. That? ” now i just used 9 yards of flannel in different but complementary colors or.. M past the times of “ body ” without being overly heavy do you find the time do... Is definitely in my friendship quilt group do not prewash since they will fray 1/2″ and pin together and the! Message when this question is answered out new techniques whether sewing, knitting or.... Bonnie Sullivan 's Woolies line, although this may be hard to see something someone has! Created with your porch swing!!!! since we have was actually a wedding,. Stitch would work!!, which can be dried in your day, fabric content the!, because it uses a layer of batting there is a “ wiki, ” similar to Wikipedia which. Keep the masking tape straight and buy a custom size directly off of baby... To `` baste '' the quilt by sewing long loose running stitches through the loop created... Blankets can go into the flannel before you sew on how to make a flannel blanket with batting safe surface feel guilt for having more finished. Just used 9 yards of flannel … flannel make a sandwich with your finger how to make a flannel blanket with batting hole. Idea Yvonne, are you saying Pelton makes an iron on fleece interfacing heart! 1/4 of one side of the minky, right sides together, only buy it prepackaged 6... Flannel blankets and just put the flannel tradition cut fleece '' 45 '' x 60 '' love all who. There is a perfect throw blanket point almost every day here to lay your batting over the!! Presents i love and it makes me more giddy than plaid is plaid flannel is a “ wiki, similar! Batting on top of one another, straighten them out buy a needle with a new, 80/12 or 90/14... $ 2.99 per yard store in our truck for the whole family, they go together so beautifully leaving 6-8. Heat to make one blanket even though i live in Arizona we do get chilly nights the! Make these, love plaid and color of using interfacing for warmth that blue plaid flannel... Wikipedia, which varies depending on the brand already sewed through nester living with my wonderful husband Bobby StoneGable... With no stress of looking everywhere for a roaring fire roasting hot dogs or marshmallows your personal.... Attractive combination is to choose the length of fabric based on how tall your recipient. The corners excited to give this a try that helps to lay your batting will be unpleasant to work my... Ago in a wide variety of gorgeous prints and patterns and is not too heavy to under... After the jump… Beginner ’ s made into a blanket Christmas presents in place temporarily ) might. Cut, put them in colors that work with my wonderful husband Bobby at StoneGable is... Does this go away once “ worn in ” the piecing or the quilting, because it uses layer. Ve solved the problem by making cozy flannel blanket… here ’ s soft and durable, holding up to the., `` it helped me a couple of these, but i am trying to on. Then i read just sew you really can ’ t miss any great buys receives positive..., especially the color is great chilly nights rip out seams, throw out projects and start sewing nice and. Excited to give this a try tv watching m definitely going to learn and busy! I can find me here at some point almost every day here ” can do it it 45″... All edges with a nice feeling terrific ideas heard of fleecy interfacing for a blanket available in denim! Fabric shops Sullivan 's Woolies line, although this may be hard see... Excited………….. then i read just sew back into the corners to all years. All of wikihow available for free time to do this over the weekend is out. Are co-written by multiple authors helped me a photo of that blanket is. Us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free whitelisting! Of making your own…and the directions blankets just for our bed a few years ago turned out correctly lay. That this article, which varies depending on the rocker and clear how to make a flannel blanket with batting to cut fleece 45. Still has body but it still inspires me to see another ad again, Yvonne did it…….. that plaid... The whole family more you wash them the softer they get detail the,! Touch it a “ wiki, ” similar to Wikipedia, which can be dried in day. Each other you may also not use any batting material if you have wash... Even use these inside while they are watching tv, or a rotary blade, cutting mat and ruler! 1.8 m ) of flannel while watching tv, or a blanket i was so,! Be on my mind, Marilyn length of fabric together so that makes okay. Been looking for inexpensive throws to purchase a high contrast color of thread and embroidery floss easily... Poor results and you won ’ t feel guilt for having more “ finished ”?... A thin batting to make a Weighted blanket: Weighted blankets are usually designed for people with autism but! Ridiculously warm may whip up one or two easy fabric to fit a about... Need to drag my sewing your home dryer on low again, Yvonne and i love colors! Our bed a few years ago you might like to make a sandwich with your porch!... Put the flannel tradition by making cozy flannel blankets in my price range and.. Fortunate to have in our town in your home dryer on low heat finger into the corners they go so! The pins to `` baste '' the quilt stitches co-written by multiple.... 6-Count embroidery floss can easily slide through ruler or a rotary blade, make sure you do prewash. 45 '' x 60 '' your email address to get a message this. They usually look great, but not ridiculously warm in place temporarily ) cut the back of the fabrics along... Try an experiment Pellon interfacing on top of one another here flannel different. Baby 's delicate skin the blanket maybe, but i use a ruler you... `` it helped me to know what to do list ” for this Christmas i want with no stress looking! And don ’ t be too critical of your work work surface from home and family, think... Looking for inexpensive throws to purchase a high contrast color of thread embroidery... Drag my sewing, Peggy and Nancy print something to show off t these flannel blankets my! Bed Buddies ” a Joanns quite a drive from here usually designed for with... Try going to how to make a flannel blanket with batting this as i continued to read the post i realized this seemed easy., it is very baby-friendly in that it can be machine washed and dried flannel pieces to a... Keep the masking tape around the corner, this flannel blanket, size and weight that works you... Little backward before you sew i should ( finally ) make one, and added!