But an LS6 1970 Chevelle is one of the most bad ass, if not the most, HP production cars ever to roll out of a factory. The LS5 produced 360 horsepower and the LS6 smashed 450 horsepower. It is a rare find and would take more than a few hours or, at possibly, a few days on the online market to find a good one. Because the LS6 in 1970 was so powerful, it still reach 13.7 for 1/4 mile. The powerful engine, which some like to highlight that its V8 specification was not universally accepted to meet proper V8 standards, still propelled it to great functionality, with impressive acceleration that made it a beast of a drag racer. Related: Check Out These Gorgeous Modified Chevelles. The 0-60 mph time is reduced to 6.1 from 5.3 from 3.90 ratio. In the November 1969 issue of Car Craft magazine, a 70 LS6 Chevelle SS recorded a a13.12-second quarter-mile pass traveling at 107.1 miles per hour. This is a fresh frame-off restoration. The 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6 model was the highest powered Chevelle manufactured in the model’s lifetime, which ran from 1964 through 1977. The car shown below is owned by Rob Timken. The designs were simple but carefully built to last and still turn heads when the Chevelle sped past. The Chevelle was a treasured car then and still is now. Factory standard Chevelle SS 454 LS6 models were reported to be able to accelerate from zero to 60mph in just over 6 seconds. Buyers could order buckets seats and a center console at an additional cost. She is a versatile writer who can match her writing skills to the style and tone. The Chevelle sported a unique exterior with a sleek design. As a result, it is a scarce car to come across, as their owners hold them dear to their hearts as proper collector's items with great value and a good performance reputation. 1970 is largely considered to be the best year of the Chevelle. This original 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS LS6 Convertible was sold new at Sinclair Motors Ltd. A stunning SS dashboard and emblazoned steering wheel were included in the vehicle" interior. With the LS6 engine, you could order a Muncie M22 "Rock Crushed" 4-speed transmission or a Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic, with its rear gears going up to 4.33:1. 39 Posts . That kind of power earned the Chevelle SS LS6 the moniker “King of the Streets.”. I have a 1970 ss 454 motor in my 66 chevelle, but I don't know much about the motor. The LS6 cars also had a different instrument cluster than the standard Chevelle or Malibu packages. The more dominant LS6 featured a Holley four-barrel carburetor and put the Chevrolet Chevelle SS LS6 on the map. 1970 was the pinnacle of the original muscle car era. Car collectors treasure unique finds and the Chevelle is no exception. This was the take-no-prisoners 454, with a 800-cfm Holley four-barrel on an aluminum manifold, 11.25:1 compression, solid lifters, four-bolt mains, forged steel crank and connecting rods, forged aluminum pistons, and deep-groove accessory pullies. No production engine ever had a higher … The quality of the meticulous restoration on this Cortez Silver beauty is outstanding. Everyone wants to know if a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle has the 454 LS6 under the hood. 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454-DRIVER QUALITY BIG BLOCK 4 SPEED Mundelein, IL 60060, USA We are proud to announce we have this 70 Chevelle, that has decent paint and a good shine, Black SS stripes, gaps look good, The engine is a rebuilt built up 454 forge pistons,small chamber heads,with headers, aftermarket intake... Mileage: 2,500 Miles It was designed with a predominantly black interior with optional comfortable bucket type seating with a center console. In total, it is agreed that roughly 4,475 LS6 cars rolled off the factory lines, but it is unclear how many went in El Caminos vs Chevelles. Other notable features included an upgrade to dual bumpers, modified headlights, and a rubber pad between the tail lights with the car's signature SS logo. The power output was catalyzed by a 4.25 by 4.0-inch bore and stroke alongside big port cylinder heads and a sturdy camshaft. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 8, 2007. The two SS equipment packages offered in 1970 were still options. 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 specs, 0-60, quarter mile, lap times, top speed, engine specifications, pictures. With 450 horsepower and 500lbs of torque, it was a beast in the 1970s. 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In 1970, the Chevelle came with a wide array of options from the factory, from the base Malibu package, all the way to the LS6 454 Chevelle. But, for legions of Chevrolet fans, this car has it all: limited production, the baddest engine available, and enduring styling. “The past is gone. The LS6-powered 1970 Chevelle SS 454 had none of the conveniences that 21st century muscle car enthusiasts have come to expect. 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Sport Coupe 450-hp Hydra-Matic (aut. We know why you stopped to look here. A lot of thought was put into making this whip, which showcased a bespoke exterior that complemented its spectacular performance on the track. The LS5 produced 360 horsepower and the LS6 smashed 450 horsepower. This is an ultra-rare and highly desirable 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 LS6 Convertible. Find Chevrolet Chevelle at the best price. Two trims of the car were provided by Chevy that could be optioned with a 454 cubic inch V8 engine. It's 450-hp rating even falls five short of the current SS Camaro's 6.2-liter V-8. Not only did the 1970’s Chevelles usher in a new decade, they also saw the peak of muscle car performance. Horsepower ratings had soared to ridiculous levels. GM 1970 LS7 454 Specs. ! Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Sport Coupe 450-hp (man. Its reputation from way back as King of the Streets is its most significant selling point for lovers of speed and drag race enthusiasts. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. When you’re selling a decent example of “The Ultimate Muscle Car,” the 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6, and it’s an original four-speed car to boot, not even the NOM (Non-Original Motor) can temper the bidding. The general concept was a remodeled version of the older Chevelle that featured a newer bulging fender that gave it a more beastly look. Powered by a 454 cubic inch beast with an 11.25:1 compression ratio, 450 horsepower @ 5,600 RPM, and 500 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 RPM, the LS6 was the top of the line performance option. The LS6 option Chevelle's came with a 454CI engine and used the same engine block as the LS5, however, an 800 CFM Holley (Holley List #4492) carburetor was bolted to the aluminum intake manifold. I enjoy seeing cars that you don’t always see so I love the orphan cars, big fan. Other than name changes and some slight body style tweaks, the big news of the year for the Chevelle was the 454 cubic inch behemoth available in one of the two SS packages. As in 1969, technically, there was no SS 396/SS 454 Chevelle (or Chevelle SS, Malibu SS, or whatever name one want to use) in 1970. 1970 Averages The 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Series measures 76.00 inches in width, The 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Series measures 201.20 inches in length, and has a wheelbase of 116.00 inches. A total of 4,475 cars were equipped with the LS6 454 in 1970. The Chevelle SS LS6 is quite deserving of its title as King of the Streets. The SS LS6 Chevelle featured one of the most powerful engines at the time. We have 32 cars for sale for 1970 chevrolet chevelle ss 454 ls6, from just $16,000 Optional 454cid 450hp motor (LS6 option) included aluminum intake, huge flowing heads, solid lifter cam, 11:1 compression, and four bolt mains. News on all your favorite celebs, reality TV, and movies. Similar specs are still fairly acceptable to date, and this must have been exemplary at the time. The LS6 was the highest horsepower engine that the factory ever installed in the Chevelle with 450 pavement pounding horsepower and 500 lbs. Keep up to date with us on Social Media . The transmission code for this car is CRV. Many owners of the Chevy Chevelle idolize it. In 1970, the name of the game was pure horsepower. Some think that considering its power and the time when it was built, that it's the most commanding muscle car ever manufactured. Here are some detailed images below. This was one of the first items removed by the LS6 owners. In the day, manufactures were known to underestimate the actual horsepower of cars as a … Let's dig into the details of this wildly powerful muscle car and see what ultimately makes it a landmark in history. Key Specs With its wider track and big Polyglas tires, the SS454 could handle almost as well as it could accelerate. The 1970 model year added a second SS option, RPO Z15 for the SS454. The LS6 also had an 11.25:1 compression ratio due to its forged steel crankshaft and forged aluminum connecting rods. The aluminum pistons and bolt mains further improved resilience and contributed to its excellent performing capability. It has just over 11,000 original miles, is 100% numbers-matching, and is fully documented with THREE build sheets, original Protect-O-Plate, and a known ownership history from Day One.