More than 18000 codes for all autos. Colour Codes: Renault - Peugeot Please Note: You can sort this listing by simply clicking on the column heading. Many Renault Duster (or Clio, Megane, Scenic, Trafic, Kangoo, Laguna, Modus, Logan, Twingo…) owners are wondering how to unlock the radio and where to find out the unlock Renault radio code.. Limited Edition 6. SADDLERY. Renault - Homepage 2018 ... Renault cars Kadjar Colors and upholsteries Customer service. Audi has a few paint/colour code locations within the luggage compartment. Technical Supremo ... is the best place to discuss the French automaker’s cars including the Megane, Clio, Modus, Captur and more. 12 13 14. Renault megane paint codes? Glacier White is the sole no-cost option for the Megane and, considering white is a popular shade, … Edited by: alans27 . Answer. Select below whether you need an aerosol, a touch up pot or a high precision touch up pen. You will need to remove your radio and locate the radio label to find your Renault radio security number, which is located usually on the side or on the top of the radio casing. Here is the list of all the paints on the bodies, rims, or other elements of Renault Captur cars. Cross Over Stepway Captur . All in one Renault touch up paint from a uk supplier, our high quality paints can be used to quickly repair stone chips and scratches that harm your vehicles value.. Our paints are designed for direct application and are really easy to use as there is no lacquer required. 2001 Renault Megane B1966 OBD-II Diagnostic Body (B) Trouble Code Description B1966 A/C Post Heater Sensor Circuit Failure so you have to check ODB-II Fault Code Check list. MotorNuts have teamed up with MPEX to supply c o l o u r matched to order paints - available in over 77,000 c o l o u r s including RAL, BS and pantone shades for cars, motorcycles, commercial and agricultural vehicles.. We have made it super straightforward to order the right car c o l o u r.. Always use the code on the Oval Plate when ordering paints. A Renault Colour Code is typically 3, 4 or 5 digits long and can be a letter/number combination. Come join the discussion about performance, purchasing, reviews, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! An Audi paint/colour code is typically 2,3 or 4 numbers long, but can also be a letter/number combination. We custom match your 2011 Renault paint and send you a 2011 Renault paint pen , Renault spray paint , or brush bottle so you can fix 2011 Renault paint yourself. Equipment Code 5. 4. Renault touch up paints. A free Renault VIN decoder that allows you to lookup options, model, year, engine, transmission, and specifications. Trouble codes description for RENAULT Paint code is on rear door frame,ref no.10 on picture. Identifying fault codes Renault Megane (2002 - 2008) You are here. Asked by Wiki User. Solid colours Glacier WHITE – £0. Renault Paint Chart Color Reference: Click picture for close up view: 1972 Renault Paint Charts DuPont 1. Check under the boot lid, inside the rear compartment, under the mat or on the spare tyre wheel well. Explore Our Forums. Renault Captur paint codes. AutomotiveTouchup paint products are custom mixed to perfectly match the color of your 2007 Renault All Models using a basecoat/clearcoat system just like factory specs. In addition, you can also check the title records and accidents by clicking Check History. Renault Megane Gt paint codes. As a result single paint products and paint kits are exempt from Distance Selling Regulations. That's why I'm replacing the swatches with photos of real cars. Paint Code. 2002 - 2008 . The first two characters “TE” may be part of the paint code, but most common references for Renault colours use the last 3 characters. 2010-09-21 08:15:04 2010-09-21 08:15:04. 1977-1991 Renault Alpine Paint Charts Autocolor. Model list Renault, which recognize PLANCHE OF BOARD. The Renault Mégane is a small family car produced by the French car manufacturer Renault since the end of 1995, and was the successor to the Renault 19.The Mégane has been offered in three and five door hatchback, saloon, coupé, convertible and estate bodystyles at various points in its lifetime, and having been through three generations is now in its fourth incarnation. All items must be in their original packaging and unused. Thanks to that example color identification plate, you should easily identify what is the RENAULT paint code, but if you need our help don't hesitate to write us at, sending us even a photo of the label you have found.. A tip to properly search RENAULT colour code among our car paints Sedan Logan Sedan MEGANE Grand Coupé. Wiki User Answered . Reason For 2001 Renault Megane B1966 Code The reason of 2001 Renault Megane B1966 OBD-II Fault Code Check is B1966 A/C Post Heater Sensor Circuit Failure. Join now! Here is the list of all the paints on the bodies, rims, or other elements of Renault Megane Gt cars. Being that some colour tables are very large this can take a little time to process. If you do not know your color code you can check the label generally located within doors, hood, trunk or you can check from instruction manual of your Renault. Non custom made paint products can be returned within 28 days of receipt for a refund. Forums > Renaultsport Megane Technical > Exterior & Bodywork > R26 paint code Discussion in ' Exterior & Bodywork ' started by denbers , Nov 8, 2013 . Renault Touch Up Paint . Together Renault and Nissan are leading electric car development among major car companies, investing 4 billion euros ($5.16 billion) in eight electric vehicles over the next 3–4 years. Restore Your Renault Finish In Two Steps Select Your Renault's Color (Step One). Halfords Renault 'Glacier White' car spray paint. A Renault Color Code is typically 3, 4 … Restore Your Renault Finish In Two Steps Select Your Renault's Color (Step One). A total of 14 shades appeared on Renault Megane Gt cars. 1979-1983 Renault Paint Charts DuPont. Home | placeholder | Identifying fault codes Renault Megane (2002 - 2008) Renault Megane. AutomotiveTouchup paint products are custom mixed to perfectly match the color of your 2012 Renault Megane using a basecoat/clearcoat system just like factory specs. You can find all the colors available for Renault in our web site. This page is just an intial guide to what colours the paint codes refer to. sells 2011 Renault touch up paint. Paint opaque. Some colours may be encoded differently with different year models but have the same name. Paint code location: on the jamb of passenger's door. Within our Renault touch up paint system there are 14092 different colors for 89 Renault models. Top Answer. Renault radio security code is made of 4 digits – the first digit is a letter followed by three numbers, for example “X123”. The images do not accurately represent the paint colours. The paint code will always be the letter/number combination 3rd from the top on the left hand side. OBDII/EOBD diagnostic code definition. Identifying fault codes. Location: Renault has one main area for a paint code, check the drivers door sill or the drivers door jamb. RenaultSport Megane 225 (Phase 1) Colour: Black Gold Paint Code: 267 UK Sales Figures: 108 - 5 Door 269 - 3 Door https://farm8.stati These paints can be blended into your original paint work achieving excellent diy results. We sell Renault touch up paint pens, Renault spray paint and other Renault touch up paint products.. Find Your Renault Color and Renault Paint Code Often, you can call Renault and see if they can tell you where to look for your Renault color code. This radio code generator will help unlock all regular radio in cars Renault. Instead of going to the Renault collision shop, use touch up paint and save hundreds of dollars on your 2011 Renault paint repair. The Halfords Renault 'Glacier White' car spray paint is an exact match for the Renault codes: 348.. 1969 Renault Paint Charts Williams. A total of 93 shades appeared on Renault Captur cars. To insure a proper match, you’ll need to know your vehicle’s color code so you can find it on the chart below. Haynes can help you complete this job on your Renault Megane. Renault Paint Codes - 60s, 70s and '80s. Find Renault paint by clicking the year or model. Full Forum Listing. At Automotive Touch up Paint website you can browse the suitable touch up paint sample code for your vehicle. Renault Kadjar Phase 1 ... Metal paint. Renault paint codes can always be found on the drivers side door jamb. To insure a proper match, you’ll need to know your vehicle’s color code so you can find it on the chart below. All Chipex paint kits are tailor made to each individual order due to the unique colour code paint product. 1988 Renault Medallion Paint Charts DuPont. It provides a tough, durable protective finish on metal, glass fibre or rigid plastic panels and the advanced acrylic based formulation, which is compatible with virtually all types of automotive paint finishes, including cellulose. Colors and upholsteries . This video shows you how to identify the paint code of your Renault Zoe If you want to learn the difference between solid, metallic and special paint finishes, our car paint types guide explains all you need to know. ... A forum community dedicated to Renault Captur SUV owners and enthusiasts.